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Monster ClarityHD Micro: hands on

In Jambox fashion, Monster's new ClarityHD shoots to bring smartphones big sound in a small package.

Brian Bennett/CNET

NEW ORLEANS--As you may already know, I'm a big sucker for Bluetooth gadgets. That's why when I spied the Monter ClarityHD Micro from a far at CTIA 2012 I couldn't resist checking them out. Squarely targeted at the same audience who think the Jawbone Jambox is groovy, this wireless speaker is small, super-portable, yet built to belt out loud tunes.

Priced at $219.95, the ClarityHD Micro isn't inexpensive. Still, the device offers many of the same features of the $199 Jambox including an on board microphone for speakerphone functions, and Bluetooth wireless connection to phones, tablets, and laptops. One big thing the small ClarityHD Micro appears to lack is the slick voice promps and alerts the Jambox coos in your ear.

The ClarityHD Micro's staid black color and conservative design can't match the aggressive style of the Jambox either. Hopefully the ClarityHD pumps out better audio than the competition. Sadly a crowded hotel ballroom is not the ideal location to assess audio quality. Stay tuned for full review soon.