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Monopoly fans hate the thimble, kick it out of the game

The poor thimble token falls victim to modern times and goes to Monopoly jail after fans vote to send it packing.

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Poor thimble. You were a common household item back when everyone knew how to sew a button on. Protector of fingertips, your heroism was immortalized as a playing piece in the real-estate board game Monopoly. That immortality has ended. Modern Monopoly fans voted to dump you.

The voting results came about through a ruthless online competition that pitted the classic tokens against dozens of upstart newcomers, including a dinosaur, an emoji, a hashtag, a horse and a helicopter. Voting wrapped up at the end of January, and now game maker Hasbro is slowly sharing the results, starting with the demise of the thimble.

The Monopoly Token Madness voting campaign pulled in over 4 million votes, but not enough backed the thimble to keep it in the competition for inclusion in future versions of the game. The thimble originally joined the game way back in 1935.

This isn't the first time a classic token has been shown the door. In 2013, Hasbro dropped the iron from the lineup and replaced it with a cute cat.

The thimble's axing is most likely the result of changing times and the onward march of technology. Nowadays, most people just toss out clothes rather than learn to sew and repair them. The new thimble-less version of Monopoly will be out in August.

Hasbro will reveal the final results from the voting and the identities of the winning tokens on World Monopoly Day -- mark that auspicious occasion in your diary for March 19.

Do you mourn for the thimble? If not, then what is your favorite token? Pass go and tell us in the comments.

So long, thimble.

Amanda Kooser/CNET

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