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Monkey Tennis: Alan Partridge-inspired game, set and macaque

Alan Partridge's greatest idea has now been realised: Monkey Tennis has arrived on the iPhone

Conclusive proof that monkeys make anything funny: Monkey Tennis arrives in the iTunes Store today. The game borrows an idea from Alan Partridge and sends assorted simians scampering around a tennis court on your iPhone.

Monkey Tennis

To play, you swipe across the screen. If the ball is not in reach, your monkey will run in that direction. If the ball is in reach, your monkey will play a shot in that direction. Longer swipes hit harder.

Monkey Tennis

There's a choice of three surfaces, with a range of monkey player options. These players have different characteristics, from the lumbering giant orangutan to the nimble little capuchin, and the fantastically named 'macaquenroe'.

Monkey Tennis

It's easy to master the swiping, although there is an element of randomness about whether you'll actually hit the ball. Still, the monkey running is hilarious, and it's almost worth dropping a point for the priceless look on your monkey's face as the ball sails past.

Fingers crossed Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank is on the way.

Download Monkey Tennis (iTunes link)
Cost: 59p