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Monitors fit for a museum

BenQ partners with Taiwan museum on LCD design

Monitors have something in common with keyboards--and no, Sparky, it's not just that they're both connected to your computer. Where design is concerned, both are often neglected stepchildren toiling in the shadow of their showy sibling, the the mouse.

BenQ, however, is one manufacturer that sees monitors as objects of beauty, and it partnered with Taiwan's National Palace Museum to prove it. Chip Chick, in fact, calls their new "Art Museum" line "the most beautifully designed monitors we've ever come across."

The 17-inch LCD screens, which have built-in speakers, are adorned with two masterpieces by Giuseppe Castiglione. Only 1,300 will be available for each design, which is just fine with us. True works of art, after all, should never be commoditized.