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Monitor home security with iPhone app

Compatible with all security systems, this free app lets you arm and disarm remotely, watch video feeds, and even get status reports on doors and windows.'s iPhone app lets you see what's going on at home--even when you're not there.

Ever wish you could disarm your alarm system while sitting in your driveway? Or check in on, say, the cat while you're out of town?'s new iPhone app lets you do all that and more. It's a freebie for customers.

Designed for homes and businesses alike,'s systems (which are sold and installed by various third-party dealers) rely on wireless sensors and GSM/GPRS networks. In other words, they're highly connected.

The eponymous app gives you full control over your system, allowing you to arm or disarm it from just about anywhere. That could come in mighty handy when you're halfway to the airport and realize you forgot to arm the sucker (or just can't remember if you did).

It also provides a wealth of monitoring tools. You can get real-time updates on doors and windows, watch live and recorded video feeds (assuming your system has cameras, natch), and review "event histories." (When did the kids get home from school? When did the maid leave? That kind of thing.).

Talk about a no-brainer. If you're an customer (or thinking about installing an alarm system), this is without a doubt a must-have app. The bigger question: Which is cooler for homeowners, this or the recently announced Benjamin Moore paint color-matching app?