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Monday roundup: Five sweet deals

On tap for today: Dirt-cheap noise-isolating earphones, a pair of HD pocket camcorders, the cheapest Jawbone headset ever, and a thrifty DVD/sound bar combo.

The Sony Webbie HD pocket camcorder shoots close-to-1080p video. It's on sale (refurbished) for just $60.
The Sony Webbie HD pocket camcorder shoots close-to-1080p video. It's on sale (refurbished) for just $60. Sony

What's this? A week's worth of deals in a single post? Before you collapse to your knees in teary-eyed gratitude, allow me to explain.

See, I couldn't find a standout, must-have, totally killer deal today. So instead I decided to bring you five that I consider pretty good--in some cases very good. Take a look:

  1. has the Sony Fontopia MDR-EX71SL noise-isolating earphones for $9.80 out the door. They come with three earbud sizes, a 2.5-to-3.5mm adapter, and a hard-plastic carrying case.
  2. Today only, has the refurbished Flip MinoHD 720p pocket camcorder for $79.99 (plus $5 for shipping). That's just about the lowest price I've seen on an HD flip. The screen's pretty tiny, but otherwise this is a great little pocket 'corder.
  3. Speaking of camcorders, SonyStyle is clearing out the refurbished Webbie HD MHS-PM1 for just $59.99 shipped (add it to your cart to see that price). Reviews on this model are mixed, but it shoots at higher resolutions than the MinoHD for 20 bucks less.
  4. Today's Daily Steals deal is a doozy: an Aliph Jawbone 2 Bluetooth headset for $17.99. Shipping adds $4.99, but that's still a couple bucks less than a few days ago.
  5. Home-theater thrift: Wal-Mart has the Philips Soundbar HSB2351/F7 with upscaling DVD player for $148 (plus sales tax in most states). It features an integrated subwoofer, FM tuner, HDMI output, and so on. Regular price: $299.99. Customer reviews average 4.5 stars out of 5. I am soooo tempted to grab this.

OK, there you go, deal fans. Anything strike your fancy?