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Moist towelettes for your phone, body

Clean your body, gadgets with this "tech" cleaning kit.

Clean your hands, gadgets with lots of moist towelettes. Josh Lowensohn/CNET Networks

La Fresh, a company that specializes in those handy, self-contained disposable cleaning wipes, has a new product launching next week called the "Tech Pack." We got our (literally) grubby hands on the towelettes this morning and now have clean(er) glasses, hands, and electronics.

The kit comes with the standard hand and lens cleaners to clean your hands and glasses. It also throws in some dry, microfiber screen-cleaning wipes. The entire thing is bundled in a TSA-safe package you can throw in your bag or toiletry kit when you're traveling. I gave the wipes a spin on my digital camera and laptop and it made a noticeable difference, although if you've got actual solids on your screen (like latte remnants), you're better off with a wet solution.

The kit runs at about $10 and is biodegradable.