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Modular refrigeration is hot

Gaggenau offers refrigerator and freezer columns for a truly custom kitchen.

Modular seems to be the buzzword in kitchens these days, and why shouldn't that flexibility extend to your refrigerator? Just because someone once decided that it would be convenient to house a fridge and a freezer in a single appliance doesn't mean that's the right solution for everyone, after all.

Shiny! Gagganau

And so Gaggenau has created modular refrigerator and freezer columns. You can purchase each piece individually and install them together or separately in your kitchen.

The columns feature stainless steel interiors, for hygienic food storage and, they say, better energy conduction. (You can also tell your friends that stainless steel exterior-only appliances are so yesterday.) The full-extension drawers make a big difference when you're trying to get those grapes from the way back.

For full bragging rights, point out the motorized glass shelf that raises and lowers with one button--even when it's full of food.

The icemaker has an anticlump system that agitates the ice at timed intervals to keep it from freezing together after defrost cycles or extended door openings.

Columns are available in varying widths and will only set you back about $5,000. Each.