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Modern Warfare 3 makes (fake) cover of Time

News magazine lets Activision use iconic front face for Call of Duty promotional campaign.

Fake Time magazine
Could this ever be an actual Time cover? Activision, via The New York Times

Time bills itself as "the world's most influential magazine," with a publishing history stretching back 88 years. Now the news weekly is lending that influence--in the form of its iconic logo and red cover border--to Activision to help promote Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

According to a New York Times report, Activision and Time have paired to bring gamers a fake magazine cover that will be used as promotional material and as a preorder incentive for Modern Warfare 3 at GameStop locations nationwide. According to the Times, this is the first time Time has allowed its image to be used for a commercial product.

As for the faux magazine cover, it was created by Activision and features an image of a battered Wall Street, complete with a fake headline that reads "World Stands on the Brink," and a sub-head that states "Tensions Rise Across Europe." These headlines fall in line with what is expected of the game, as the title will feature battles across the globe in places like the United States, Germany, France, and England.

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