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Candy Crush fingernails would be hard not to bite

When Tokyo model Harutamu uses elaborate fingernail art to promote Candy Crush, her nails make for a sweet ad campaign.

Harutamu shows off her Candy Crush fingernail art that doubles as advertising space. Adways

This over-the-top nail art? It's actually considered the latest trend in advertising.

According to Get News, models in Tokyo are often hired for "absolute area advertising" where a company logo or mascot is painted on the face. In this case, Harutamu's fingernails have been covered in brightly colored replicas of the tasty treats in the popular game Candy Crush.

This isn't the first time fingernails have been used to sell a product. In 2011, Kia created the world's first stop-motion animation on fingernails, and company logos for everything from KFC to Subway have been featured in impressive fingernail art.

But this apparently marks the first time Black Diamond models (Japan's kuro gyaru girls who get dark tans, wear giant wigs, and fake eyelashes) have been hired to use their fingernails as ad space for a company. Here's hoping Plants vs. Zombies is next.

Sweet! Harutamu

(Via Kotaku)