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I bought a Model 3 and immediately took it on a road trip

Who *doesn't* love driving a brand new car you barely understand more than 400 miles?

Ashley Esqueda | CNET

One million, one hundred fourteen thousand, five hundred sixty minutes. 

That's how long I waited to pick up my Tesla Model 3 after putting my deposit down way back in March 2016. And then, as if that significant wait never even happened, I found myself standing in the Fremont delivery center waiting to meet my new ride. Finally.

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I stood in a very fancy lounge ordering a Tesla-themed latte from a very friendly barista while another employee explained some of the features in my new car. We walked into the delivery bay and dozens of gleaming Model 3s waited for their owners, including mine. After about 45 minutes of tutorials, I signed two more pieces of paper accepting delivery, and the deal was done.

We made a little video about my delivery over on Roadshow -- I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any questions about it, feel free to hit me up on Twitter. In addition, since I picked up the car in Fremont, I had to immediately drive it back home to Los Angeles; we made a road trip video about that, too, just in case you're interested in what it's like to buy a car and instantly put 400 miles on it.

It might have taken over a million minutes, but after a relaxing delivery and a smooth road trip home? Worth the wait.

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