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Mod your expensive mountain bike! GREAT idea!

Risk of breaking something: Too high.


These days, you can "mod" (that's the cool, techy way to say "modify") just about anything these days. iPods, Xboxes, name it. And now Spluch is showcasing a yet-to-be-released product (due out next month) that lets you mod your mountain bike into an "all-terrain riding machine." Called the Ktrack, this kit will turn your bike into a contraption that will ride on snow and sand. Cool, right?

But I'm skeptical. First of all, keep in mind that this is a kit, which means that there's always the chance that you could mess it up entirely. Mountain bikes aren't exactly cheap. And then, quite honestly, would this "riding machine" actually be 1) a comfortable ride, or 2) an efficient ride?

Me, I think I'll get a pair of cross-country skis, or a sled.