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Mod your phone with Alexa for double the assistants

Not satisfied with your Moto device's smart voice assistant? Now you can plop another one on the back of your phone.

OK, Google, ask Alexa to search Google for the new Moto Smart Speaker add-on with Alexa. And don't take it personally.


Because one voice assistant apparently isn't enough, Amazon and Motorola have unveiled the Moto Smart Speaker. 

It's one of the many mods available for the Moto Z and part of Motorola's attempt to make hardware add-ons for phones cool. You can add better cameras, batteries, projectors and now a new voice assistant. 

In a blog post Wednesday, Motorola introduced the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon's Alexa, the voice assistant that's found its way into millions of homes. The Moto gadget will have all the same features Amazon's Echo smart speaker has. 

Because Motorola's phones run on Android, the Moto Smart Speaker already has access to Google's voice assistant, which can handle many of the same tasks Alexa can.

You can install the Moto Smart Speaker on your Moto Z by snapping it on the phone's back. It's expected to have up to 15 hours of battery life. The add-on will be available for $149.99, starting in November.