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Moblyng wants to 'Moblyze' you

Moblyng introduces Moblyze Me feature for music artists.

Social-media company Moblyng is offering music fans a way to keep up to date with their favorite artists. That is, if their favorite artists are a part of the company's new Moblyze Me campaign.

Currently artists participating in the campaign include Metro Station, Lucy Schwartz, Black Tide, and Gym Class Heroes. Moblyng has added a "Moblyze Me" button to each of the artist's MySpace profiles. Once you click on the button for your favorite artist, content concerning that artist will be sent to your cell phone--provided you enter your number.

You'll be able to "moblyze" video, slide shows, links to an artist's ringtone store, tour dates, and news.

For certain artists, you'll be able to enter a customized WAP environment and access their IVR line. Yes, I had to look up both of those acronyms.

Moblyng plans to introduce more artists from "major and independent" record labels. While the bands currently on the list don't intrigue me, if implemented well this could be a useful service if you're really into a certain artist.