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Mobius bacon strip cooked up through magic of 3D printing

Bacon will never look the same again now that you've laid eyes upon a 3D-printed Mobius bacon strip.

Mobius bacon strip
This strip of bacon is Babe-approved. Joaquin Baldwin

We may have to wait awhile for true 3D-printed meat, but in the meantime, we can take solace in a 3D-printed Mobius bacon strip. This bacon strip simultaneously evokes deep feelings of bacon-past and challenges our perception of what bacon is.

If M.C. Escher were to design breakfast products, this is the bacon he would come up with. It's a never-ending circle of pork that owes its existence to advances in 3D printing.

Though the bacon strip looks convincingly realistic, it's not edible. That makes it safe for vegetarians. We'll have to leave it up to molecular gastronomists to come up with the real thing.

The Mobius bacon strip can be yours for $19 on Shapeways. It is printed in full color with sandstone, a gypsum-based powder bound together with adhesive. Yum. Much like an actual crispy strip of bacon, this material is hard, but also brittle. You'll want to take care not to squeeze your Mobius bacon strip too lovingly.

Mobius bacon strip
Faking bacon. Joaquin Baldwin

(Via Reddit)