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MobileMe rumors grow: Could half of iPad 2's appeal be in the cloud?

Tomorrow's iPad event might be as much about Apple's cloud services...and that would be a great thing indeed.

The iPad needs to truly live in the cloud.
The iPad needs to truly live in the cloud. Apple

While everyone has been wondering what exactly the new and probably imminently announced iPad 2 will look like and be made of, rumors continue to grow about a MobileMe update allowing streaming media to iOS devices.

The latest rumor from Cult of Mac, via, claims that an Apple staff member has said a MobileMe update announced tomorrow will indeed allow music, TV shows, and even movies purchased via iTunes to be streamed over the cloud. CNET's reported on this likelihood before, and we'll see if it finally comes to fruition on Wednesday.

A music-streaming cloud service has long been expected, ever since Apple acquired Lala back in 2009. In fact, Lala did exactly that for owners of music: scanning one's library, then enabling streaming from an already existent library without the need for uploading. It seems, at least to me, that a MobileMe update would be more likely to offer streaming in this manner than a literal uploading/hosting of one's actual media library.

For video, this would be a big deal for iOS device users, especially iPad owners. Getting 1 and 2GB files on and off an iPad is a cumbersome process, and, frankly, it's what drives me to use Netflix or Hulu instead of thumbing through my archive of purchased movies sitting on an external hard drive.

While the iPad 2 will likely make some important strides in terms of hardware, in the long run, better cloud-based software and content support is the most important key to the iPad's success. Do you agree?

We'll know for sure tomorrow at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT.