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Mobile Twitter use increases 40%, networks cackle

Mobile Twitter use is up by 40 per cent, according to stats released today. Also revealed: how many people are tweeting and what Twitter's working on.

We're not sure what's happened in the last three months, but something's definitely up. Mobile Twitter use has increased by 40 per cent in the quarter-year, according to official stats released by Twitter today. Maybe those newbie iPhone 4 buyers have just worked out how to tweet on the go.

The stats say 55 per cent of people on Twitter now tweet from their mobiles, and according to Google Analytics, now has more than 400 million monthly unique visitors. That's up from 250 million in January of this year. That's a lot of pictures of cats flying around the Internet.

The service now has more than 100 million monthly global active users, half of whom log in every day. Though it also revealed 40 per cent of them don't tweet (or haven't in the last month, anyway). So looks like there could be a serious amount of stalking going on.

The figures were revealed on the official Twitter global PR feed, taken from a talk by Twitter's CEO Dick Costolo.

So what's next for the service? Well it's working on three things: simplifying the interface and making it more consistent across devices; tightening feedback loops (so if someone favourites your tweet or someone you know signs up, it'll alert you); and bringing to the surface all the great content on Twitter -- worldwide content as well as things relevant to you. Not sure if that includes cat videos.

It also noted Twitter is a platform for engagement, and that its growth team is focussed on "experiment, experiment, experiment".

These stats only look like going up too, with Twitter baked into iOS 5. So while Facebook may be raking it in, and Apple may be hard at work on its own social network, Twitter might well be where the future lies.