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Mobile printers get anorexic

PlanOn's "Printstik" lives up to its name.


Poor "Greta." Like so many other Swedish models, this portable printer has been forced to face a hard but inevitable truth: There's always a younger, thinner competitor just around the corner to take its place.

This time it's PlanOn's "Printstik," a mobile Bluetooth printer that measures a mere 1 by 1.9 inches and 10.75 inches long, while weighing just 1.5 pounds--battery and paper included. It maxes out at 3 pages per minute, but this is a game of size (or lack thereof) over speed.

And, as ProductDose notes, it would be a perfect partner for KinLan's portable paper shredder of similar dimensions. Because the last thing you need is to leave behind any incriminating evidence of your encounter with a model, Swedish or otherwise.