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Mobile entertainment revenue to skyrocket

The rise of apps and tablets will keep the money flowing. Juniper Research sees an 80 percent increase in mobile entertainment revenue globally by 2016.

Global mobile entertainment revenue will grow about 80 percent from $36 billion in 2011 to $65 billion by 2016, Juniper Research predicted yesterday.

The research firm said the app-store centric ecosystem has "dramatically" increased consumer adoption of casual games and a flourishing of content for mobile devices. Hand in hand, tablet use is increasingly contributing to the mobile entertainment market. "For applications such as streamed TV, multiplayer games or casino gambling, tablets offer a richer, more immersive experience than smartphones," Windsor Holden, research director at Juniper Research, said in a statement.

The research firm noted that East Asia will make up the largest share of mobile entertainment revenues during the forecast period. Despite the overall growth in mobile entertainment, the report noted that some sectors will see muted growth. For example, the music sector will see less growth despite the increase of streaming subscriptions and full-track downloads as ringtone downloads decline.

This story originally posted as "Global mobile entertainment to hit $65B by 2016" on ZDNet Asia.