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Mobile Clubbing hits London's Liverpool Street station

Bored by the mudanity of your daily commute? Perhaps next time you're stood on a station platform waiting for a train, you'll find everyone wearing an iPod bursts into spontaneous dance...

Nothing will quite beat the massive impromptu pillow fight we witnessed outside St Paul's Cathedral two years ago, but as flash mobs go, yesterday's Liverpool Street Station rave was still something to behold. Flash mobbing rose in popularity with the Internet and involves gathering large groups of complete strangers together and making them perform bizarre acts en-masse.

Using text-messages and emails, the organisers of these events arrange for their 'mobbers' to meet in a public space, sometimes with props -- in the case of Pillow Fight Club, pillows, and in the case of yesterday's rave, iPods.

At 7pm yesterday, London's Liverpool Street station was filled with hundreds of clubbers donning iPods. The rules, posted on the Mobile Clubbing Web site were simple: arrive at location at given time. Start dancing to your personal stereo to the music of your choice. Please utilise the whole space, spread out. This will prevent us from being moved on. Don't worry clubbers, you will be one of many.

Commuters who have made it an artform to gracefully avoid eye-contact with fellow-passengers, and who typically view any attempt to make conversation as the opening act of a mugging, seemed surprisingly tolerant. Head over to Mobile Clubbing Web site to get involved in future events. -CS