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Mobile app Vyclone covers every angle on social video mixing

App co-developed by Sting's son takes up to four videos shot at one event and automatically synchronizes them into a multi-angle video collaboration.

Vyclone's iPhone app. Vyclone

While on tour with his band two years ago, Joe Sumner discovered that hundreds of videos of his band's concerts were appearing on YouTube -- each shot from a single location.

Recognizing that each member of the audience had a unique point of view worth seeing, Sumner -- the son of rock legend Sting -- approached friend David King Lassman about a way to connect them.

"Working as a musician for years, I noticed that people were always taking video of their favorite moments of each concert, but there was no way for them to share their different viewpoints with each other," Sumner said in a statement.

That conundrum led to the creation of Vyclone, a free iPhone and iPad social video app that launched publicly today.

Using the iPhone's GPS, the app takes up to four videos captured with a 100-foot radius and automatically marries them into a synchronized, multi-angle video collaboration that takes advantage of each point of view. If users aren't satisfied with the result, they can order up another auto mix or edit a clip on their own. There are even Instagram-like filters that can be applied to clips.

Once finished, videos can be shared with other users of the app and incorporated into their video projects. Clips can also be uploaded to Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. For now, the app is only available on iOS at the Apple App Store, but support for other platforms is planned.

The Los Angeles-based startup is backed by $2.7 million in seed money from Ashton Kutcher's A-GRade investments, Live Nation, DreamWorks Animations Investments, and Thrive Capital.

The video below explains how the app works, as well as demonstrating a finished product.