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MP3 Players

MobilBLU goes full-size in gesture of love

Still hunting for the ultimate Valentine's gift? Here's an offering to pique your lover's interest: a full-size MP3 player from the formerly Lilliputian MobiBLU

Famous for its dice-sized Cube, no one expected MobiBLU to launch an assault on the full-size MP3 player world. It's a flamboyant entrance -- the MobiBLU DHH-200 (pictured left) is an 8GB Microdrive player with support for MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV audio formats; JPEG for pictures and PIX for video. If your Valentine loves watching American Psycho on the train to work, this is the perfect gift.

There's non-native support for all major video formats: MPEG, WMV, XviD, DivX and AVI. The bundled transcoder software takes care of converting these into a format the DHH-200 can understand, unlike something like the Creative Zen Vision:M, which provides native support. The MobiBLU is priced at £189 and available in the UK now. Get your credit cards out, lovers. -CS