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MobiBlu DAH-1500i cube MP3 player goes 2GB

MobiBlu DAH-1500i cube MP3 player goes 2GB

MobiBlu's DAH-1500i, affectionately known as the cube, has enjoyed one of the top spots on the CNET Hit List ever since we reviewed it back in September 2005. Not even the iPod has come close to that kind of buzz on our site, despite the fact that it massively outsells the MobiBlu in the marketplace. Of course, the cube isn't without its limitations--namely, the fact that it maxes out at a 1GB capacity. Or should I say, it did max out at 1GB. Early next week, MobiBlu will release a 2GB version of the DAH-1500i at a very reasonable price of $160. We can't wait for the company to really amaze us with 4GB and 6GB players in the same form factor. Note: MobiBLU has discontinued the red and orange models, leaving just four colors to choose from (black, silver, pink, and blue).