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MobiBlu Cube3 gets US price and release date

MobiBlu USA has announced pricing and availability for their Cube3 MP3 player.

Photo of MobiBlu Cube3.
The third generation of one of the world's smallest MP3 players, the MobiBlu Cube, will make its debut in May. MobiBlu USA

We haven't been having much luck with MobiBlu MP3 players recently, but the company's brightest star, their Cube series, will be seeing a refresh on May 1st. The MobiBlu Cube3 will be offered in a 2GB capacity priced at $99, and includes a music player, photo viewer, voice recorder, video player, FM radio, and radio recorder. Looking at the text on the MobiBlu USA Web site, it's not apparent how the Cube3 will differ from the Cube2, but we're hoping the Cube3 will be small enough to inhale.

The Cube3's music player is compatible with MP3, WMA, and Plays For Sure music formats, while its Lilliputian OLED video screen can playback most image and video types after being processed through MobiBlu's included PC software.

With only 10 hours of battery life, the Cube3's novelty may wear thin quickly, but those of you who rejoice in the small things in life should definitely keep your eyes peeled in May.