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Mobi-Lens is a universal camera lens for all devices

This clip-on lens adds a wide-angle, macro or fish-eye effect to any number of mobile device cameras.

Clip-on lenses for mobile phones are a great way to add special effects to photos. The Mobi-Lens takes this one step further by offering universal device support.

(Credit: Kickstarter)

In this case, universal means "one size fits all" for smartphones, tablets and even laptop webcams. Mobi-Lens is a small clip-on attachment that sits on top of an existing lens.

It comes in two configurations: a wide-angle or macro lens in one unit, plus a fish-eye lens. Each comes with a lens cap.

Like other mobile phone add-on lenses, the Mobi-Lens is made of plastic, so the resulting images look more Lomo than Leica. The wide-angle and fish-eye configurations also adds a fair amount of vignetting to the finished photo.

The Mobi-Lens is currently seeking US$34,000 in funding on Kickstarter. You can see more of the lens in action in the video below. Bonus points for judicious use of The Legend of Zelda theme to help push its fundraising dollar over the line.