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Mobcharger: Extra power when you need it most

Ever find yourself with one bar of battery left on your mobile phone just when you need to make an important call? You need Mobcharger -- a disposable battery that will save you in the nick of time

If you've ever found yourself waiting for an important call and your mobile phone starts to make that familiar low battery beep, then you know how frustrating a mobile power shortage can be.

Fortunately, a company called Mobcharger has come up with a fun set of disposable batteries that simply plug into your phone and give you up to 60 minutes more talk time and 480 minutes more standby time -- enough juice to forward a few funny text messages, phone your mum and dad and call your mates to find out where they are.

The Mobcharger battery is flat so it will fit in your pocket easily, however once you plug it into your phone it needs to stay plugged in. It only costs £5 -- which isn't a lot to pay if you need to make that all important call -- and it comes with a range of different connectors that will fit mini-USB devices and Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson phones. Make sure you get the right one for your handset.

You can buy Mobcharger batteries from Asda, BP Connect, One Stop shops and WH Smith travel shops in airports and train stations, and Mobcharger is also planning on putting vending machines in Gatwick and Stanstead airports -- just in case you forget to take your charger with you on holiday... -AL