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MMS postcards let you take the pictures

An Australian company stops professional photography ruining perfectly good postcards by letting you take the pictures.

Post your "precious" memories home.

Don't you hate sending impersonal postcards with stunning landscape photography or topless women lounging on sunny, exotic beaches?

Australian company SL Interactive hopes to stop professional photography from ruining perfectly good postcards by letting you take the pictures instead.

SL Interactive offers an MMS postcard service accessible from anywhere around the globe. Simply picture-message your memories to the designated number, follow the instructions for the associated text message -- make sure it includes the recipient's name and address, as well as your personal message -- and SL Interactive does the rest.

To promote the service SL Interactive sent us an MMS postcard and, while the we think the idea is charming, the quality of the pic and the print isn't anything to write home about (pun definitely intended). That said, adding a personal touch to your postcards could be worth a look.

The service costs AU$3.50 to post to a friend in Australia, or AU$6.60 for international air mail. Instructions for sending an MMS postcard, as well as details about a range of other mobile services, can be found at the SL Interactive site.