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MMA star Simon Marcus whacks at Sonim's rugged Bolt

Sonim brought in a Muay Thai mixed martial artist up-and-comer to help sell an ultradurable cell phone.

MMA fighter Simon Marcus throws punches with a Sonim Bolt rugged phone.
MMA fighter Simon Marcus throws punches with a Sonim Bolt rugged phone. Screenshot by Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

How do you get your ultrarugged phone some buzz?

If you're Sonim and the phone in question is the Sonim XP5520 Bolt for Bell, the answer is as easy as hiring Muay Thai mixed martial arts champion (and fellow Canadian) Simon Marcus to throw some punches and kicks on video (below).

In it, Marcus and pals tape the heavy-duty Bolt to their gloves before sparring, to demonstrate that the phone can take its knocks. At one point, Marcus lets loose at a Bolt at another man's ear, and knocks him to the ground. It's lights out for that guy, until he momentarily revives to tout Sonim's Bolt.

It's great cheese, if that's what you're into. However, it's no surprise that the phone didn't break while strapped to the impact-absorbing glove.

CNET Editor Jaymar Cabebe (who knows a thing or two about MMA himself) mentioned that some of Marcus' kicks would have the force of a baseball bat. Muay Thai fighters like Marcus have been known to take down small palm trees with a single kick.

Article updated at 12:34pm PT to correct the Canadian carrier.