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MK2 arms perfect for gun-toting military robots

Police and military robots could soon get two arms instead of one with the MK2 system from HDT Global.

Quick draw: The MK2 system gives remote operators increased dexterity. HDT Global

It has rolling treads, three fingers, and opposable thumbs. The MK2 robot arm and torso system looks like a cybernetic cowboy in the making.

Ohio-based HDT Global says its MK2 system can be deployed on any robotic mobile platform, such as Qinetiq's Talon bomb-disposal robot, pictured above.

With two fingers and a thumb, its dextrous hands (as seen in this vid) can use a variety of tools. Or users can swap them out for end effectors such as scoops for digging.

The remote-operated system can be configured to have up to 27 degrees of freedom, or axes of movement, with two arms. It could be used to lift a 110-pound 155-mm projectile, extract a detonator, or unzip a suspicious backpack that someone has left behind.

It weighs some 51 pounds in the dual-arm configuration.

"The new features of the MK2 give the operator nearly the same dexterity, strength, and speed as a human, with the safety of performing required tasks hundreds of meters away," HDT quoted its COO Tom Van Doren as saying.

Check out the vid below of the MK2 mounted on an iRobot PackBot and making short work of a suspicious container with a drill. Imagine if it packed some more serious heat.

The MK2 will be unveiled at the Ground Robotics Capabilities Conference later this month in San Diego, Calif. Cowboy hat not included.