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Mixtiles are the perfect holiday gift -- and you can save 40% today with this exclusive code

Code extended! Turn your photos into lovely framed 8x8-inch "tiles" you can hang and re-hang, no nails required.

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Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

I'm pretty fired up about today's deal: It's a genuinely great product that makes a great gift, and the discount is substantial. In fact, it's the largest discount to date for new customers -- and it's just for Cheapskate readers. 

Mixtiles are 8x8-inch framed photos -- "tiles" -- you can easily hang and rehang. No nails required; they rely on sticky pads, which greatly simplify things if you need (or even just want) to reposition them.

For a very limited time (Update: The code has been extended through Dec. 19), Cheapskate readers can save 40% on any Mixtiles order with promo code MIXCNET40. But read on for a couple important instructions -- including how to actually apply that code.

That link will take you to Mixtiles in your browser, but you can also use the code in the Mixtiles app for iOS and the Mixtiles app for Android. Take note, however, that once you get to checkout, there's no obvious place to apply the promo code. Instead, in a desktop browser, after you click Let's Go and enter your name and email address, click the menu icon and then choose Add Promo Code. Then proceed with photo selection and checkout.


Make sure to apply the promo code before proceeding to checkout.

Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

In the app (for iOS, at least; I wasn't able to try the Android version), you can access that same menu before even tapping Let's Go.

One more thing to note: If you order via a desktop browser, your starting price is $11 per tile. In the app, they're $12 each for the first three, then $9 for each additional.  Either way, you'll save 40%, and shipping is free. (Update: Unfortunately, for reasons I can't explain, some people are seeing $14 per tile in the app. If that's you, it's worth switching to desktop so you're sure to get the lowest possible price.)

Speaking of shipping, it takes "about a week." At this point it's probably a bit too late to get these in time for Christmas -- but the final nights of Chanukah are still in play!

I just ordered some Mixtiles for myself and couldn't be happier with them. The prints look sharp, the colors are super-vibrant and the tiles themselves are lightweight and incredibly easy to hang. Ordering from my phone was a breeze, though the desktop interface is quite simple as well.

It's hard to say exactly what you'll pay via the app (again, it depends on how many you order), but the desktop price works out to just $6.60 per tile (post-discount). I think that's an amazingly good price on a very cool, very personalized item, be it for yourself or someone else.

Your thoughts?

Note: Originally published earlier this week. Updated to reflect changes in availability.

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