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Mixing and matching video ads formats with Panache

Start-up offers technology that lets publishers use video ads in any format with any type of player.

The world of video advertising right now is a bit chaotic with multiple types of ad formats and different players, making it difficult for publishers and advertisers to easily serve up the best ads on sites.

A Los Angeles-based start-up thinks it has found the solution. Panache offers technology that allows publishers to use video ads in any format and plug them into any type of video player. Now, publishers have to re-engineer their players for different ad formats.

The technology supports Flash Action Script 2 and 3, Adobe Media Player, IPTV, and Microsoft's Silverlight. Panache also offers a technology that allows publishers to specify exactly where in a video the ad will go and how interactive it will be.

The company is working with ad networks like Gorilla Nation, Burst Media, and CPX Interactive. Its customers include CBS, Yahoo, and