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Mixed messages for wireless IPOs

Wireless companies GoAmerica, i3 Mobile and Vyyo go public with mixed success.


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Wireless companies GoAmerica, i3 Mobile and Vyyo all went public this week, with mixed success.

"If you don't go public you may not be around in a year and a half."

- Francis Gaskins, editor of Gaskins IPO Desktop


Lukewarm welcome for wireless Net IPO
Investors may have had their fill of wireless industry IPOs this week as shares of GoAmerica remain flat following the company's first day of trading.

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i3 Mobile shares gain in trading debut
The wireless Web content delivery company sees its shares spike 56 percent in an initial public stock offering.

Wireless firm gains 50 percent in IPO
High-speed wireless equipment maker Vyyo gains 50 percent in its first day of trading, despite the poor performance of technology stocks this week.