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Mix Tape USB

Suck, a U.K. design company, plans to release a USB thumbdrive in September that emulates the appearance of an old cassette tape.

Photo of Suck UK mix tape USB drive
Honestly, all this does is make me miss my mix tapes. Suck UK

It's been raining '80s nostalgia gadgets around here lately. Between the Lasonic iPod boombox, Plusdeck EX cassette ripper, Speak & Spell speaker mod, and buckets of Transformerstschotkes--we're just waiting for Prince and John Cusack to pull up in front of CNET in a Delorean.

Here's another gadget to throw on the '80s retro-tech heap. The Suck UK Mix Tape USB is a Flash thumb-drive cleverly masquerading as a vintage Hitachi cassette tape. No word on pricing, but the product is poised to launch in the UK in September. But why wait? This looks like a totally rad project for those of you feeling both crafty and nostalgic. Hell, with so many promotional USB thumb-drives floating around, I'm sure we'll see some enterprising crafty geeks get their own version up on Etsy soon.

(via Engadget)