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Mix-and-match grill begs for mixing, not matching

The Emson Big Boss Grill comes with six different interchangeable grill plates.

So many possibilities. Emson

We as a society have become so accustomed to foods looking a certain way that we rarely give many of them a second thought. Take, for example, the waffle. Delicious in all of its deep-pocketed glory, yes, but as far as originality goes they are pretty much all the same. Oh, sure, every waffle iron produces different waffles, as they all vary in size and shape, but when it comes right down to it, they are basically two-sided butter and syrup holders. Since any waffle known to man can only actually hold butter and syrup on one side at a time in its convenient pockets, perhaps it's time to consider the one-sided waffle.

OK, the Emson Big Boss Grill probably wasn't designed with one-sided waffles in mind, but with 12 interchangeable grill plates, the possibility now exists. What the grill was designed for is apparent: a do-it-all indoor grill capable of producing a variety of popular items. Other than the already mentioned waffle grill plates, the additional ones include: grill, griddle, sandwich, omelet, and even one with round impressions for cooking doughnuts. Now I don't know if trying to make one-sided waffles would just end up being a messy batter explosion, but I do know it's the first thing I'd try--either that or waffled doughnuts, a creation, I think, whose time has come.