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Mitt Romney's iPhone app spells 'America' incorrectly

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may be looking for some answers as to why his iPhone app spells "America" wrong.

Screenshot by CNET

Have you heard the news? Mitt Romney wants to be the President of the United States of "Amercia."

The Republican candidate's campaign yesterday launched a free iPhone app called "With Mitt," allowing people to snap photos and then superimpose one of 14 messages atop them for posting on social networks or e-mailing to friends.

There's just one problem: one of the messages that can be superimposed onto a photo promotes "A Better Amercia," rather than America.

As one might expect, the Twittersphere exploded last night with news of Romney's app mistake. As of this writing, "Amercia" is still a trending topic in the U.S., giving the Romney campaign some attention, but probably not the type it's after.

According to the Washington Post, which spoke with the Romney campaign, it has submitted to Apple an update to fix the typo, so if you want to snap some photos with hopes of finding a better "Amercia," act fast.