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Mitt Romney talks tech

Who will you vote for? Mitt Romney's on technology make him look worthwhile...

Techcrunch had the chance to interview Governor Mitt Romney, US presidential candidate on the Republican ticket. The good news is that his views on taxation of venture capital and the Internet seem reasonable. The bad news? He's a PC user (though a few of his sons run the blessed Mac).

Of particular note to the tech industry is his view on H1B visas, which allow qualified candidates to come to the US to work:

I like H1B visas. I like the idea of the best and brightest in the world coming here. I'd rather have them come here permanently rather than come and go, but I believe our visa program is designed to help us solve gaps in our employment pool.

Where there are individuals who have skills that we do not have in abundance here, I'd like to bring them here and contribute to our economy. Ultimately we're in a competitive battle with the rest of the world; a battle where we need to stay the most powerful nation in the world. And the only way our nation stays ahead forever is with superior technology and innovation.

Unfortunately, I'm guessing that most of the candidates will sound roughly the same on the issues. Let's hope that whoever makes it to the White House will actually stand behind their campaign positions.

Disclosure: Though I did once contribute to Romney's campaign I don't actually have a settled opinion on my vote. I'm happy to post anything relevant from any of the candidates.