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Tech Industry

Mitsubishi plans Web TV

Mitsubishi announces plans to build Internet capabilities into televisions beginning next summer.

Mitsubishi Consumer Electronics will today announce plans to offer Internet capabilities in televisions as early as next summer.

DiamondWeb television, as it will be called, will offer users what is essentially a network-aware television, with viewers able to watch their favorite program or surf the Web with the use of a remote control. That feature is dubbed WebView by the company.

Sun Microsystems' Java technology will also be incorporated into the televisons to offer interactive capabilities.

DiamondWeb sets will include a Motorola PowerPC microprocessor and a stripped down operating system from Microware Systems.

The companies developing the product hope their concept for a network-based television becomes the de facto standard in this fledging market. The companies said more details on the product and the announcement of additional supporters will be forthcoming in a few weeks.