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Mitsubishi Concept-cX

Mitsubishi announces a new concept car to be shown at the 2007 Frankfurt auto show.

A sketch of the Mitsubishi Concept-cX.
Mitsubishi will show off the Concept-cX at the 2007 Frankfurt auto show. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi fulfills our love of concept cars with its just-announced Concept-cX, to be officially unveiled at the upcoming Frankfurt auto show. This concept car is designed as a crossover (although the Mitsubishi Outlander covers that ground pretty well). As a crossover, Concept-cX will have an SUV-like body, but an engine, chassis, and suspension designed for the road. The press release mentions a turbocharged 1.8-liter clean diesel engine that complies with the new Euro 5 emissions standard, appropriate for a car that will be shown at a European auto show. Other tech notes we like about this car are the electronically controlled all-wheel drive and the double-clutch transmission, Mitsubishi's new Twin Clutch SST that will appear in the next Evo. On the green side, Mitsubishi touts cabin plastics made from plant resins, as opposed to oil. Mitsubishi only released a sketch of the Concept-cX, so we will have to wait for the Frankfurt auto show to see it up close and personal.