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Mitsubishi builds in DVRs

Mitsubishi builds in DVRs

Live from CEDIA
Mitsubishi is spotlighting its highest-end rear-projection 1080p DLP HDTVs at CEDIA, and while the announcement is old news, it's probably new to you. Comprising the company's Diamond line of rear-projection HDTVs, these four sets incorporate built-in DVRs that can store 16 or 25 hours of high-def programming, depending on the model. They feature two over-the-air ATSC tuners, so you can watch one over-the-air HD show while recording a separate one, but due to the limitations of CableCard--specifically, the current lack of dual-stream and interactive versions--they can tune in or record only one digital cable channel at a time. Compared to dual-tuner HD DVRs from your cable or satellite company, that's a major limitation. If you can get over it and have the cash to spare, however, the Diamond models look about as full-featured as any HDTV on the market.