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Mitsubishi announces new HDTV models for '06

Mitsubishi announces new HDTV models for '06

Mitsubishi outlined its HDTV lineup for the upcoming model year at the company's line show in Huntington Beach, California, today. In addition to highlighting the new laser-based DLP TV prototype that made headlines earlier in the week, the company announced several new DLP and LCD rear-projection models ranging in size from 52 to 73 inches, as well as four new LCD flat-panels (37-inch and 46-inch models). Nearly all of the 2006 models boast 1080p resolution--of the highlighted TVs, only the 52-inch WD-52531 and 62-inch WD-62531 LCD rear-pros were 720p. And unlike the bulk of last year's Mitsubishis (rear-projection models), these 1080p HDTVs should be capable of accepting a 1080p input via HDMI. With 1080p-capable Blu-ray players and the PlayStation 3 just months away, that once-lofty spec is looking even more like a baseline for videophiles.

Unfortunately, Mitsubishi elected to withhold pricing and availability information until later in the year. Once that information is available, we'll pass it on to you.