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MIT wins award for its open-source Flickr application

MIT is building Web 2.0 using commercial open-source projects like Alfresco and OpenLaszlo.


Who says open source isn't innovative? MIT just won an InfoWorld 100 award for Thalia, its enterprise "Flickr" application [PDF] used for managing images and media (e.g. print, web, lecture presentations, online exhibitions.) Thalia allows users to tag media with customizable, user-defined metadata (tags, discussion comments etc).

What powers it? OpenLaszlo and Alfresco.

MIT is integrating Thalia with Stellar, its course management system. More details on Thalia can be found here [PPT]. It's very cool.

It's also not surprising that MIT chose open-source software to build its application. After all, most of the web/Web 2.0 is built using open source. Open source is the bedrock of the 21st Century economy.

Disclosure: I work for Alfresco.