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Missy is back and a bit evil on the set of the new series of 'Doctor Who'

But how did the Mistress/Master survive being zapped by a Cyberman? And what's with the apple?

Missy is back to take another bite out of the Doctor. Michelle Gomez is "a bit evil" in an official video from the set of the new series of "Doctor Who" confirming she's reprising the role of the villainous Mistress (formerly the Master).

Gomez played the mysterious Missy in last year's series, revealed in the season climax to be a new incarnation of the Doctor's old foe the Master. Both Time Lords of Gallifrey, the Doctor and the Master grew up as friends, but the Master's insatiable lust for power had pitted them against each other on many occasions. The Master appeared many times over the show's 50 year history, but taking the form of the Mistress marked the first time the character has been played by a woman.

Peter Capaldi is once again stepping into the TARDIS as the 12th Doctor in the new series, the ninth since the long-running BBC show was revived in 2005. He'll be joined by Jenna Coleman as companion Clara Oswald. Currently filming under the watchful eye of showrunner Steven Moffat, season nine will be broadcast at some point this year and will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the revived show.

How Missy returns remains to be seen, as she was apparently zapped by a Cyberman at the end of the season finale "Death in Heaven".

Finally, what's the significance of that apple she's chomping on? Are the Doctor and the Mistress symbolic of Adam and Eve? Is Missy the serpent in the metaphorical Garden of Eden? Or did they just catch Michelle Gomez on a snack break? Time will tell, it always does...