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Missing green Android costume found

An Android mascot getup described as "round and green with foam tendencies" went went missing somewhere between Kentucky and Ohio and was found Monday outside a dumpster.

flyer for missing android
Cricket Wireless

A missing Cricket Wireless Android costume that spurred a $1,000 reward offer has been found, according to the carrier.

The company offered the reward for information leading to the recovery of the Android mascot, which it described in a statement (PDF) as "round and green with foam tendencies." The company said it had last been seen on a 40-mile stretch of highway between Florence, Ky., and Mason, Ohio.

Latoya Robinson, a spokeswoman for Cricket, said a woman in Covington, Ky., saw news coverage of the missing costume Monday evening and called to report finding it next to a dumpster outside her apartment. (We have to wonder if the Android disappearance was an accident, especially with the anticipation over Honeycomb and endless barrage of Google TV criticism. With such intense pressure, perhaps the little green man was pushed over the edge and into a life on the streets).

The lovable Android moonlights as a mascot for Cricket. The carrier said it believed the droid may have flown out the back of a pickup truck on I-75 North during a routine trip between state lines earlier this month. Am I the only one concerned about Cricket's employee safety rules and regulations here?

"I didn't think to put a tie around him--and maybe he could have blown out, but there's also the possibility that someone may have kidnapped him," said the anonymous driver thought to be responsible for the tragedy.

Mr. Android Costume, as he is known, sports a stylish dark green bamboo leaf art pattern across the chest, a light green burst pattern at the bottom, and a white Kyocera logo at the top.

Cricket, which is currently preparing the launch of its all-you-can-eat Muve Music service, feared its Android friend may not be safe on the streets in the cold winter nights of Ohio and surrounding states.

Amber Conky, the woman who found the getup, will receive the $1,000 reward, according to Robinson. Monsieur Android Costume is valued at $4,500.

Updated, 11:26 a.m. PT to indicate that the missing Android costume has been found. Thanks readers!