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Missile-launching, app-controlled Helo TC Assault takes to the air

Griffin's latest remote-control helicopter has started shipping. You use your iPhone or Android smartphone to fly it -- and fire toy projectiles.

The Griffin Helo TC Assault is available now for $59.99 (click to enlarge). Griffin

Griffin has had a lot of success promoting its Helo TC app-controlled toy helicopter with an entertaining YouTube video. Now the company has released an amusing sequel to kick off the availability of its $59.99 Helo TC Assault, which fires nonlethal RedEye missiles from two spring-loaded launchers built into the mini copter's fuselage.

Like several other products that have started to use touch-based smartphone apps for remotely controlling ground and water vehicles as well as flying craft, the Helo TC assault is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones along with the iPod Touch. You download a free app, then clip on and connect the included "flight deck" accessory to your device and you're ready to start flying.

Of course, the video makes it look a little easier to precisely control the copter than it really is.