Miscellaneous glitches

Miscellaneous glitches

Eudora signature file Frank Piccolo reports that if you customize the font or style of your signature in Eudora Pro 4.0, you may get an error message (such as "Couldn't read that signature file for that message") when sending mail. The signature is still sent, despite the message. Qualcomm has confirmed the bug and said it will be fixed in a 4.0.1 update. Meanwhile, the work-around is to revert to the default font and style.

Illustrator 7 Rotation tool Illustrator 7's Rotation tool does not work correctly. The center of rotation does not stay at the point of origin when doing repeated rotations. Adobe is aware of the bug and will fix it in the next upgrade. Meanwhile, the tool still works fine in Illustrator 6. (Thanks, Hugh Todd.)

VirusScan 3.0 scan of floppy disks Bob Burke writes: "With McAfee (Network Associates) VirusScan 3.0: When you set the program to scan floppies on insertion, it will actually launch the application, rather than simply look at the disk in the background, as previous versions did. I've contacted their support on this and they confirm it, saying that a fix is in the works."

HDT fails to update driver Frank Enos writes: "FWB's HDT 2.5 will fail to update the driver (giving a 'not enough free space' alert) when attempting to install the FWB driver over an existing driver (other than HDT) if the disk has been optimized using Norton Speed Disk 3.5.1 at the default settings, because the default settings write the document files to the end of the partition and HDT reads this as no free space on either end of the partition. The work-around is to use another setting under the 'Optimize For' menu item, such as 'Disk Resizing.'"

UMAX network scanning The network scanning feature of UMAX scanners used in combination with MagicScan version 3.1.1 may not work. The symptom: you are able to see and select the scanner remotely, but cannot activate it from the remote machine. UMAX Tech support states: "We're going to fix this in version 4.0." (Thanks again, Frank Enos.)

Update: UMAX MagicScan 3.1.3 and VistaScan 2.4 are now out. (Thanks, Version Tracker).

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