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Mirrorcube: A $377,000 almost-invisible treehouse

Artsy treehouse has reflective "spyglass" exterior that's meant to help it blend into nature. Oh, and did we mention the electrically heated floorboards?

Peter Lundstrom,

If you're into modular architecture and minimalist interior design, you'll likely have heard of the Treehotel in Sweden. The high-end boutique hotel (built by the company of the same name) opened in 2010 and has some uniquely designed rooms that are suspended among the trees, just below the forest canopy.

Now, the company is offering one of its room designs--the Mirrorcube--for sale. At $377,000, this artsy tree house is targeted at a niche market. However, you do get quite a bit for the price.

The Mirrorcube comes with an exterior made of reflective "spyglass" that's meant to help it blend into its natural environment. The glass has an infrared film placed within it that remains visible to birds and other wildlife--important so animals don't bump into your fancy treehouse.

A view of the surprisingly spacious interior. Peter Lundstrom,

On the inside, you'll find cozy birch surfaces with enough room for a queen-size bed, a study, a restroom, and even a rooftop balcony. The interior is even insulated and comes with electrically heated floorboards, which should help inhabitants brave those cold Swedish winters.

The Mirrorcube is available now and can be ordered from Treehotel at this Web site. Delivery and installation will be provided, including the construction of a matching rope bridge. Obviously, you'll need to provide your own tree.

The ladder on the left leads up to the rooftop balcony. Peter Lundstrom,

(Source: Crave Asia via Uncrate)