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Mirapoint readies Net email servers

The messaging software maker's two application-specific servers will begin shipping later this month.

Messaging software maker Mirapoint later this month will begin shipping its new Internet email servers.

Priced at $14,895, the entry-level M100 server is a POP and IMAP4 standards-based messaging system with a 300-user license. The M1000 server is priced at $25,995 for a system with an unlimited user license.

The two servers are integrated with application-specific software and purpose-built, industry-standard hardware, which the company calls a "thin server" model.

"The server is function specific," said Cheena Srinivasan, Mirapoint's vice president of marketing. "And we've tried to build a product based on reliability and simplicity."

Srinivasan said that unlike messaging systems built around general-purpose Unix or Windows NT servers, Mirapoint's product is a dedicated device that is built for a single purpose--Internet email.

The new application-specific servers are designed to handle corporate and ISP-grade workloads, including inbound and outbound email traffic, email delivery, spam-protected storage email client access functions.

Analysts said Mirapoint is betting on customers in the market who don't want to employ a whole messaging system that includes messaging applications built on top of a Unix, or NT server, along with groupware applications.

"Whether or not this will fly is up to the consumers' decision to give up the control that comes with an open system that allows them to add on and customize, or go to a closed system that handles just email," said Mark Levitt, an analyst with International Data Corporation.