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Mio looking to capture new audience with GPS camera

At Computex 2008, Mio Technology introduces a new concept digital camera with integrated GPS.

GPS Business News

Mio Technology is hoping to take GPS to new places, more specifically, beyond the car. At Computex 2008 (Asia's largest technology trade show), Mio unveiled a new concept product called the "PND (portable navigation device) camera" that integrates a GPS radio into a digital camera. Details and specs are pretty light at the moment, but according to GPS Business News, the device will feature a 3.5-inch touch screen and with the two integrated technologies, the camera will be able to geotag your photos.

Now, this isn't a completely novel idea. We've seen GPS modules that you can add to cameras, such as the Pharos Trips & Pics and the Sony GPS-CS1KA, to get this functionality. However, Mio's device aims to do away with extra accessories and let you carry just one do-it-all gadget. No word on when the camera will be available and even if it will make its way to the States, but perhaps SiRF Technology founder Kanwar Chadha's prediction is coming true? Will 2008 be the year where we see major manufacturers integrate GPS into digital cameras? And do you think this is a good idea?