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Mio Knight Rider GPS brings KITT to you

Mio Technology will release a Knight Rider-themed portable navigation system featuring the voice of KITT.

Mio Knight Rider GPS
Mio Knight Rider GPS Engadget Mobile

If you ever dreamed as a child (or as an adult) of owning a car like KITT of Knight Rider fame, you're dream is about to come true...sort of. Unless you're rolling in money, you can't have the actual Trans Am or David Hasselhoff, but you can have the next big thing. Word on the street is Mio Technology is prepping to release a Knight Rider-themed portable navigation system that uses the actual voice of William Daniels (the actor who provided the voice of KITT) to present you with audible directions. KITT's soothing voice will also greet you with various phrases such as "Hello Michael, where would you like to go today?" and the device features LED "scanner" lights. The Mio Knight Rider GPS is expected to ship in a few months for about $270 to $300. Details are still trickling in, but here is a little roundup of what's out in the blogosphere: