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Mio delivers Mio-Navman 'Moov' product line

Mio introduces the first of its Mio Moov line, the fruits of a merger between Mio and Navman.

Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

In January 2008, Mio Technology and Navmanformally merged under the Mio name, and we're now seeing the first products of that marriage: the Mio Moov line. The series birthed four little Mio newborns--the Mio Moov 200, the Moov 210, the Moov 300, and the Moov 310--and combines Navman's software with Mio's hardware.

Alas, these cuties aren't easy children. CNET's Bonnie Cha spent some time with the Mio Moov 310 Car GPS and had high hopes for a nice bonding experience. The Mio Moov 310 came with a promising bundle of navigation features, including text-to-speech functionality and a free year's subscription to the Traffic Messaging Channel, all for the bargain-basement $249.95. Unfortunately, the Moov 310 dillydallied like a reluctant teenager, suffering from sluggish performance and slow route calculations. Did its features make up for the poor behavior in the long run? Read the review.

Mio Moov